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Especially Ed Sheeran’s latest…that definitely has a story behind it!

how to get a boyfriend


put peanut butter on a pinecone and roll it in bird seed. hang it up outside. wait.

Ohhhhh I’ve been doing it wrong this whole time!






Marriage equality is cool and all, but uh…

Trickle down equality, yo!

the next targets.



Where do teachers go when the 3 p.m. bell rings?

When you’re a kid, you don’t really think they go anywhere. Except home, maybe, to grade papers and plan lessons and think up pop quizzes.

But of course teachers go off and do all sorts of things: They write books and run for office and start businesses and so much more.

Today we begin our new project, The Secret Lives of Teachers, to collect the stories of teachers’ lives after the students leave for the day.

Tell us about the Secret Lives of Teachers – share your own story or tell us about a teacher you know. You can tag your stories on social media with #secretteachers or drop an email to

Caption: For Mathias “Spider” Schergen, his Secret Life plays out in a one-car garage out back of his house in Southwest Chicago.

He turned it into a studio, a crowded place full of lumber and wood and paint and scrap metal and odd things like shoes and fabric. Stuff that he fashions into art.

Photo credit: Elissa Nadworny/NPR
Illustration credit: LA Johnson/NPR

FYI, #education

Boy just left. I said most of what I wanted to say. We’re done romantically, which sucks but it doesn’t. But we’re still going to be friends. More updates tomorrow.

Someone gif me with alllll the anger gifs

were-not-heroes Pizza. Remember, the answer is always pizza.

Still waiting on the boy (either hearing from him, or having him show up.) It is 5pm. He was technically supposed to be here at 2. But he texted me at 150 saying he hadn’t left Portland. (2-ish hours away…but Sunday traffic)

Plus I asked him to get a pizza. Sooo he’s not suuuuuper late yet. But this just makes me more grumpy at him because I have no patience for being late.

Ask me things? I need something to occupy me.

If you have cats and you do laundry, this is inevitable.

Anonymous asked:

What is a memory that makes you laugh out loud every time you think of it?

My former roommate and I woke up one weekend with an awful case of food poisoning (assuming from the crappy chinese food we had the night before.) We were miserable. However, we decided that it would be a great idea and we would feel so much better if we went out and got ice cream and this local ice cream place. 

Problem #1, we were young enough that we had never driven to said ice cream place on our own. (It has some of the best ice cream in the area and *massive* portions.) Problem #2 neither of us had a GPS. Problem #3 it was dark.

Soooo we got lost on our way there, all the while feeling awfully queasy. And the roads in that area were being repaved so they were bumpy and with every bump it made our stomachs jolt more.

BUT we made it to the ice cream place, ordered our ice cream. Took a couple bites and realized…yeah our stomachs really did not want ice cream. So we choked down a few more bites, made our way home and stuck the rest of the ice cream in the freezer for later.

I just think of us moaning and groaning over every bump that the car went over. Totally miserable, yet completely convinced that this ice cream would make us feel better.