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'Um' vs. 'Uh' May Reveal Where You Live


I guess it makes sense. A bunch of languages have their own filler words, why wouldn’t different dialects?

Well, I broke out the Northface. It’s officially fall.

Also can we talk about how I went to run to the grocery store at 730 and it was totally dark out? 


'I Think She Was A She' Proudly Proclaims There's No Shame In Having An Abortion

In the slam poem “I Think She Was A She,” spoken word poet and performance artist Leyla Josephine recounts the abortion she had as a teenager and the cultural shame she’s been constantly confronted with ever since.

Be brought to tears when you watch Leyla recite the full moving poem here. 



Seriously, if you’re against breastfeeding in public, you best be pitching a fit over lingerie ads, bikini ads and Mardi Gras, too.  

Otherwise, you’re full of shit and you’re just mad at the possibility that DFAB people will “display their tits” with no intention to appease the straight male sexual appetite.

"But… boob… for baby? Not for me? Unpossible! Boob is for boner-making! Put boob away if not for my boner to have!"

Day two of attempting rides on my bike (OK so I didn’t get to yesterday, but I went to the gym for an hour.) 

I added two miles (almost 2.25) and only added on just under 3 minutes. It’s amazing what having the seat at the right height can do.

Now to just get my fat ass used to the seat. I bought a gel cover at Dicks, but of course it doesn’t fit. At least the packaging was such that I could put everything back the way it was and now I’m just going to return it.

But does anyone know where I can get a good seat cover that will fit this seat (It’s wide if that makes a difference)

Ugh. And now I looked at his questions more…and there’s one question that he answered that is..problematic.


Single for life, that’s me.

Anonymous asked:

As someone who doesn't really drink, I've never found it a problem on dates

That’s good. This date is just coffee, so it wouldn’t come up at all. I’m glad he was forthright with me about it. (I asked about his reasoning and he said he was in recovery—not from alcohol but something else—so he stays away from it.)

I’m just concerned because I do enjoy doing alcohol-related things (going out for drinks, wine tastings, oktoberfest etc.) and I definitely like getting drunk and goofing around with my partner. That’s not to say that I can’t go without these things if it’s for the right person…I’d just rather not have to make that choice.

So we’ll see how things go on Sunday.

So the guy I have a date with on Sunday just dropped the “I don’t drink” bomb…

Oh boy that could be interesting.