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#education, I need your advice!

I wrote up my first student today. He’s been my troublemaker all year and he needs the attention, and he pushes the line all the time. (I won’t divulge his name for obvious reasons, but suffice it to say that he goes by a nickname that proves his need to push things.) This was the conversation I had with him today:

Me: Next time you do that I will be sending you out, is that clear?

Him: *pauses* relatively.

Me: How can I be more clear?

Him: Well, for starters this unit could be more clear

Me: How so?

Him: I just want to know the bare facts that we need to know, none of this extraneous stuff.

So I know I shouldn’t have engaged him. And I’m letting his comments get under my skin. I’m the type to assume that any criticism anyone makes about me is true. And maybe there is a grain of truth in this, and I can keep that in mind for future planning, but the fact remains that he can NOT speak to me that way. Secondly, my job is not to hand them a packet of information and say: this is what you need to know. History is not just who did what to whom and when (and why.)

I only wrote him up for inappropriate language (he swore as well) and for his behavior after the fact when I thought about it. We have a snow day tomorrow so I won’t see him until Monday. He won’t know he’s been written up until then either. So my question is, what do I do/say when he is in my class. He is the *one* who determines the climate of that classroom and it’s just becoming more and more negative as time goes on. But he has me on the defensive. How do I get control back from him? What do I do??