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Student athletes?

I have a question for #education people (specifically, those in secondary ed.) What are the rules governing your student athletes? How does the balance between school/sports work out? Does the athletic department/the coaches support players as students or not? 

I ask because the situation at my school is different from what I’ve seen in the past. There is no GPA requirement to play because the school is so small that we can’t afford to lose any star players—even if they’re flunking out of school. Some coaches even start practice earlier than is allowed by school rules. (Students are supposed to have at least half an hour after school to meet with teachers/do homework etc.) In theory, students who miss school are not allowed to participate in games/practices that day but some coaches look the other way when games are involved. Overall, students are not being sent the message that school is important and it’s frustrating. I guess I could understand this mentality if we were a sports powerhouse school. I would still not be in support of it but I do understand the mentality. Quite frankly, though, we’re not amazing enough to warrant this. Thus, my work get left undone because students were off being athletes.

Is this a similar situation to what you all have? Can you recommend anything that I can do within my classroom both to support the athletes in their sports but to also a) enforce my rules about timeliness and b) not make special exceptions for athletes?